by Bermuda Skies

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released August 5, 2016

Album Tracked And Mixed By. "Droids Recording Studio"



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Bermuda Skies Colorado Springs, Colorado

We are a 4 piece metal band from Colorado Springs, CO trying to come up with catchy/creative styles of writing and creating our unique sound

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Track Name: Careless & Cautious
Maybe I'm sick, maybe I'm dying
I've become ill from lack of trying.

It's just so hard When you Give it your all

To sit back, while trying to stand tall.

I'm so sick of watching progress fall.

There's no cure
Not for me
There progress in apathy.
There's no cure
Only disease
Won't somebody bring me peace? (2x)

Needles pricking numb hands, there was a time, when I felt.. I can't remember, want to remember the pain of the needles point.

All I want is to wake, please won't you shake me awake?
All I want is to hear, please won't you scream for me?

Lift your eyes and behold.
All the secrets.
You, you wanted this, I wanted this but we knew, we couldn't have it. We'd never have it and we knew

This light would burn out, and it's becoming dull.
Track Name: The World We Let Die
Wake The Fuck Up!

Look at the waste you decided to be, the promise in your life has vanished completely.
Hear me out.
Our world is consumed by money and pride. That greed will leave you more disgusting on the inside.

Look at me now what's the value of a life? Thousands die, and we are laughing so desensitized.

We pretend it could be worse.
We're everything that's wrong here on Earth.
Humanity is a curse.
So blind by ignorance we were not here first!

Look at the world. The way it used to be. Now we are tearing it to pieces without even Understanding.
To Everyone who thinks that they are above this. Don't stand your ground or I'll bury you beneath it.
We are the ones to blame.
We are the cause of all these terrible things.

Look at the way that we treat one another. Will we ever open our eyes?
Our time is not up. You're effecting so many lives. So stop fucking up.

We come together in a movement that will open their minds
It's only takes one moment to decide wrong from right.
So let us stand and fight for the world that we let die
Track Name: Shorelines
In the middle of nowhere
All by yourself
Fighting the waves and the raging swells.
You're scared to death, you scream to the air!
No one hears you, this storm will prevail.

I will not sink (3x)
God help me now as my limbs wear out.
Holy shit I think I'm going under.

I open my eyes.
Am I dead or alive?
The storm has opened up to clear Bermuda skies.

I've got to keep swimming, can't let myself sink. My heart is racing, my ship is gone. I see the shoreline, I am almost home.

More than any sinking ship, more than any ocean storms, no matter what this world may bring
I can do this on my own!

No matter what life may bring, ups and downs, just know you have yourself!

But you need more than this to get out.

Washed up on shore lines come quickly, I made it out alive.
Track Name: S.F.I.
Even though, we are deceived. We still believe.
Though we are betrayed we will never quit.

Our hopes and dreams are what made us who we are.
We won't let the likes of you get in our fucking way.

We won't let the likes of you in our way.

Don't you dare say we're in it for the fame.
Cause once we are done with you.
We will put you to shame

To shame!!

Lies spill through your teeth
And that is what makes you weak!

You fucking asshole
You fucking fake

We'll put you in your place!

Your lies spill through your teeth.
And that is what makes you weak.

(2x)Don't you dare say we're in it for the fame.
Cause once we are done with you.
We will put you to shame.

Right now. I see you for who you are.
You hypocrite.
Track Name: The Transcendence
Hello, hello again
my once dearest friend
how long has it been?
has it been a while?
Let us reminisce
How we used to pretend our lives were limitless as if we could never die.

My, oh my
How things have changed..
Tell me my friend
Is this a better place?

I can't believe, I've left my beloved.

Oh my dear friend, I feared so long of this end.....

What gave it the right to take my life away, to take my life away.

Tell me now my friend, is this the end? Where do I begin?

Did I die for something or did I die for nothing? All the questions I have, are you listening? Did it mean something? Did it mean anything? Tell me my friend is this really the end?

It's time I accept it
My life has ended
It's time I accept it
I have transcended

I've transcended (repeat)

Help me my friend.
My most dearest friend.
If this is the end, I need some adjustments.

Thank you for the hand.
One day
I'll see them again
And I'll be where you stand my friend.
I'll be there for them.